The Wrath of Spam Reqesters at iWriter

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In my last article, I discussed about the present situation of iWriter for the Asian writers. It has gone from bad to worse if you are stuck in the lower level. The upper level is no different although has more work than the lower level, but to reach there you need to accumulate enough high ratings.

Unfortunately, the site has been hijacked by the spam requesters who not only offer projects without proper instructions but also cancels the work without any valid reasons. This is enough to dwindle your ratings. It has happed to me quite often since my trusted requesters were no longer offering any new projects.

I left with no choice but to try the projects created by the spam requesters as I had to rise and become a premium writer once again. The experience of working with them is like a hell. They were cancelling my work often without looking at my work and even the projects approved by them only got 3 to 3.5 stars from them. This is considered extremely low rating in iWriter and not enough to reach the higher level.

When you visit the site and check their writing assignments section, you will find many requesters with approval rate way below 50 percent. Some requesters even have approval rate of below 20 percent. It is just ridiculous! If you examine their projects carefully, you will find their projects have no clear instructions and have only one line in the instructions section.

While canceling the work, they offer some lame excuses like bad grammar or bad formatting despite having thoroughly checked with more than one tool. It is pretty evident that they were at iWriter just to harass the writers and have nothing to do with the work submitted by the writers. For them, cancelling the work is fun and they do not care about the consequences a writer have to bear.

Another problem is that there is no system to report these spam requesters to iWriter. There is a system that requesters can report spam writers to iWriter, but no such pleasure offered to the writers whose hard has kept the site still alive despite its low wage and many other shortcomings.

It is high time for iWriter that they should respect the situation and look to better their website by either warn them or completely ban them. If they do not take action against those spam requesters then they will lose many writers like me in the near future.


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