The Yahoo! Data Breach, Internet Privacy and Querlo Connection

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Do you have a Yahoo! email account like me? I bet you have more than one email accounts right? Do you change your password from time to time or no? If you don't then maybe you should right after reading this.


♦      The Yahoo! Data Breach     ♦

Last year, Yahoo! announced the data breach that happened twice, once in 2013 and another one during late 2014. A third security breach happened in February of this year and I hope a fourth one won't happen.

To know a bit more, you can watch this video:

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♣ ♣     Why This Should Concern You    ♣ ♣


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Several information stored in millions of Yahoo! email account have now fallen into the hands of some people. These private info have been identified as usernames, telephone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and your personal answers to security questions.

Maybe in the future, the culprits or other people who get their hands on this will use the data to do unauthorized credit card transactions or maybe they will use your identity to make purchases and other online activity under your name without your knowledge. If you've never experienced identity theft which is most prevalent in the US and other 1st world countries then I suggest you start being careful with what you put online from now on.

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Even your financial information is potentially unsafe once other people have access to your personal details in Yahoo!. A lot of things can happen when a big company like Yahoo! has been data breached. All the personal information of everyone who has an account with them is now free to be used by several people you did not give your information to.

Who're the culprits? Well some Russians spies did it, at least the 2014 one. As for the leak in 2013, no one has been tagged as a suspect yet since most of the data cookies and proof they could use are gone by now.

What could they  do with the stolen information?  Well according to Vitali Kremez, cyber intelligence senior analyst of Flashpoint (an online security company):

“The motive is likely not financial, says Kremez. “It’s likely to be espionage.”

There haven't been any massive reports of financial fraud as far as I know so perhaps what Kremez says is true, unless these people  sell the data on the black market. Once that happens it can be a free for all. This is why you should be concerned. Your internet privacy from Yahoo! has been compromised so you should have changed your Yahoo! account passwords already or maybe close your account with them.

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I could understand how Bob Lord, Yahoo!'s chief information security officer (CISO) must have felt when he found out a group of people have been "secretly" stealing info from the company since 2013. He only learned about it in 2015 once he became the CISO. Pretty sure it was a total downer and shocker to find out about it.




♦      The Internet Privacy Issue      ♦

Is our personal information ever safe online? We'd all like to think so right? I mean, big and small companies should have security measures in place so our information is safe from evildoers. But guess what?  Even Edward Snowden, the US security whistle blower, says Yahoo! is one of the biggest company where your information is not safe.

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In this day and age where technology is prevalent and supposedly needed by everyone, the only thing that should concern us is our private information getting in the hands of selfish and manipulative people. Even your financial records are potentially unsafe eventually.


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If you've seen all those Hollywood movies about espionage and data breaches and even the US TV series Mr. Robot then you should have an idea on what could happen with all our personal information online. However, if we continue with this paranoid thought, we wouldn't be able to function as we normally do. We will close all our email accounts, our social network accounts, even our bank and online banking accounts. We would also not use any kind of mobile phones or sign up to any services where we need to give our information. Heck we'd be cut off from the rest of the world just to be "safe" from privacy issues.




♦      Can Querlo Help With Security Issues?      ♦

Now let's see what a company like Querlo can do in connection to this security issue. First of all, what is this company?

Querlo is a consulting firm that provides “Emotional Chatbot" solutions.


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♣ ♣     What can Querlo do?     ♣ ♣

According to their website:

Querlo's chatbot technology is designed to:

1. Establish a direct conversation and relationship with people
2. Learn more about their passions and interests
3. Educate them about the brand's or organization's initiatives
4. Build, own and control a qualitative database and research - in Real Time

 What does this mean then? 

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Only the really sinister minded and those want to get leverage on rich and influential people steal personal and private information. If you're only out to gather and research useful information instead for a product or service, you are better off using Querlo than trying to scrounge out data from anywhere online. No need to bother stealing information when people would gladly give it to you because they are having fun chatting with a bot.

Yes you can always go and get help from online survey sites too and have them do the data gathering for you but sometimes answering short or long online surveys can get boring unless you get paid to do it.

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Personally even if I get paid to answer surveys, sometimes I don't have time to answer them at all plus it's kind of boring. What can be done if it is the same case with other people? Querlo chat bots can come in handy. It is interactive and fairly new so it won't be boring as plain old online surveys.

Don't believe me? See for yourself and try this one below.


Now if you want to sign up for a Querlo account it's plain and simple. If you already have a Bitlanders account, just use your login credentials over at the Querlo site and voila! Make your own chat bots! If you're not on Bitlanders (which is unlikely) you can sign up easily at the

I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy make your own Querlo chat bots even if it can get a bit complicated sometimes. Just try and see for yourself if it can help out in increasing your business revenue or not. If you're feeling generous, you can also recommend it to any company you think can benefit from it.



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I say, it's better to gather any data in a friendly and open manner than to go about stealing it and then when caught, be subject to the grim consequences. Be smart and try different helpful and open tools instead, like Querlo chat bots. :)



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