The Youths priorities in the modern life

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The youths are the dynamic and active part of a society that is able to change the future of their community by their fresh and powerful talents. They are the present and future leaders of their families, communities, countries and the whole world. The countries with more youth citizens are more hopeful for development, and think it as an opportunity forward a greater future. Youths themselves, families, whole the society and the responsible institutions and organizations should help them to keep away from narcotics, disastrous accident, discrimination, mal-nutrition and pessimism; they should be led into realism, standard education, sufficient nutrition, exercises, and sound entertainments.

Some important lessons for the youths to be considered in their life, as following:

  1. Be realistic: in the life, the youths will face with different, good and bad, immense and little occasions and opportunities. They should be realistic and try to use the opportunity rationally, and solve the problems in the best possible manner.
  2. Be ready for the situations of good and bad, the life could be unpredictable.   There are a lot of things that come to our life unpredictably. This is a reality of our life. Therefore, consider the unpredictable things a reality in real life and when face them try to comprehend them and find a way for.  
  3. Be self-confident and humble. Self-confidence makes the youths courageous and brave to take risks and try to get better achievements and follow their aims.  
  4. Focus on communication and be sociable. Sound communications are one of the most important parts of a person’s life. So the life should be programmed and planned with sufficient focus on every part of it. Communication develops the quality of life and help to get more success, and be happier.
  5. Pay serious attention on your behavior and words; try to be more merciful. The words that you speak and your behavior make your personality, so present your personality in the best way and be satisfiable for yourself and others. When something irritating happens try to forgive and forget it.          
  6. Perseverance is one of the most important powers in life. Keep your aims alive and struggle toward them. Finally, will get them. Perseverance is the only way.
  7. Accept your failings and mistakes, and think your and others mistakes and failings as great lessons that lead you into victory. Life is not possible without failings and mistakes, so they will happen anyway. Think them as good lessons and try new ways to get to your aims and goals.
  8. Be open-minded and plan for the next steps. Always, have plans in your life and work toward them. Planning makes you to have better future and be more purposeful. As, the world is changing fast, everyday new things and methods appear, so open-mindedly go toward.
  9. Leave some non-significant affairs.  There are some affairs that are not worthy of paying attention and spending your time, so don’t let to waste your time. Spend it in more important aims and affairs, planed.

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