Theory of Relativity

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From past few years relativity theory given by Scientist of all time Sir Albert Einstien was one of the most impressive and revolutionary ideas of all times. There was a instance in 1919 when sun eclipse dramatically proved his special theory of relativity. Evry massive body pulls towards itself other small bodies like sun pulls earth and earth pulls towards itself moon it is also expected that sun is also being oulled by other masiive bodies in universe. Hence these massive bodies pulls these things like a stone wirling in circle connected by some rope and moving in circle but centriputan and fugal forces are there. Like this all body interact these other things. In 1919 sun eclipse proved by using a telescope that those star that was behind sun when that eclipse done, those stars light was just bent, can you imagine bent and the result was close to Einstien's predictions hence regarding light can bend Sir Einstien was rewarded by Nobel Prize.

Actually what happened was that light is a part of mass like e=mc^2 formula prove that de-brouglie said it is refined form of matter. So when light or this refined infinitsimally small part of mass come close to sun it atrracts it to itself. Hence admiring Einstien He was a Great Scientists World can have any. 

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