There Is Something In You (A Poem)

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                      There is something in you
                      I capably perceived,
                      hanged breath
                      half to feel
                      motions unreal,
                      loved the impression
                      carved in your heart
                      shape to hold
                      the unwanted thoughts.

                                Undesirable touch,
                                uninvited stare,
                                detrimental lust,
                                vaguely harmful,
                                unsafe kiss
                                sumptuous bliss,
                                treacherous flashes
                                deceitful whisper
                                gathered collectively
                                with fading breath
                                I clutch into your spirit
                                as I laid my back
                                in an orgasmic dream

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iBit is a graphic designer for 20 years plus. He is working in a printing press. He is responsible for conceptualization of designs for labels, flyer, brochure, catalog, book, book cover, box (trending) pizza, bakeshop and others. He loves watching film, reading books and compose poem!

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