These 10 health benefits behind freshness cold shower

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Bathing is an activity that you must do every day. Most of you will surely be showered with cold water instead of warm water. Especially considering the Indonesian air warm enough anyway.

Reporting from, this is the health benefits of a cold shower.

     1.Salah of the benefits you can get from a cold shower is increasing your immune system. Because cold water bath can increase white blood cells that are useful to fight the disease.
     2.If you are being exposed to the flu, wash with cold water instead of warm water. Because the temperature of the cold water to beat the heat of your body that cause nasal congestion.
     3.Mandi with cold water also can reduce your weight. Exposure to cold is naturally capable of stimulating the production of brown fat that can burn the evil fat deposits in the body.
     4.Bagi you who suffer from blood clots, wash with cold water on a regular basis. Because cold water can increase circulation in your body.
     5.Mandi cold water can also increase the body's metabolic system.
     6.Depresi can you heal the way a cold shower. Natural cold temperature helps cool the brain and relieve your depression.
     7.Mandi with cold water is good for the health of your lungs because your lungs will open and you can breathe better.
     8.Cara best to improve the energy in the morning is with a cold shower. This temperature is able to keep you fresh and gives you a shot of energy.
     9.Menurut study, men who shower with cold water would be higher levels of fertility. Because warm water alone can harm your sperm cells.
     10.Mandi cold water is also good for the health of your skin. This is because cold temperatures will not open your pores like warm water.

There are many benefits that you can get from a cold water bath. So do not be lazy to do this one activity.


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