These Siberian Husky dogs find a playmate in a wild deer!

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I always enjoy watching videos of animals. Either they do nothing or they do something amazing that are rare to happen. The video below is about two Siberian Husky playing with a wild deer. Seeing a rare event like this is just so amazing. Who would've thought that dogs would play with a wild deer and a wild deer be playing with dogs! Isn't it lovely? Love or friendship doesn't know boundaries! - my own words

Quote from Viral Nova: "It's hard to predict how wildlife will react when it comes close to our homes, but when this adorable deer wandered into a family's front yard, it was their Huskies they were worried about getting out of hand.

When the Huskies began chasing after the timid doe, it appeared as though things were about to turn terrible, but you won't believe what happened next..."

Video below:


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