They want us become robots

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As I watch the news or read articles online, I see that we *humans* are going robots.I mean we are being transformed to robots in so many ways. For instance, one loses a leg, here comes a phony leg that he or she could use. That is actually great and I am so very glad that things like this are available for citizens to use. However, it gets irritating when research suggests wearing an air pollution device to avoid cancer. Really, is this the best alternative we have?  I mean imagine watching your children wearing this device covering their heads and faces. I am not so sure if this is a great alternative, but I feel it is some type of business that these research companies want to make money out of. Now, I do not mean to be close minded, but instead of this device, the world health organization should promote using more vegetables. We are going electronics from organic. We are made naturally and we should live our lives naturally. We should not cover ourselves with devices just because some sort of crazy organization state that we will get cancer if we do not use a certain device. With all the respect to these research organizations, I still thing that they should delete the dream for making $$$$$$$$$$$$ but focus more on service. I am not saying that these devices do not help, but this is an absolutely poor alternative to go with to fight cancer or any other disease. 

I am all for robots and other electronics, but I am not so fan of making a healthy and well person into a robot so that the person will avoid diseases. Do you have any idea how big the opportunity cost for this is? 

As my reader, I like you to tell me: Do you really want yourself of your children to wear electronic devices around heads and faces to be safe in current climate? 





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