They work with love and care

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Do you know that the work of nurses is not that easy as many do believe? Indeed, the work of a staff nurse is not a joke. It is not easy in the sense that you are dealing with lives. The life of patients is in the hand of the nurse during their stay in the  hospital. One mistake of the nurse on duty may harm the patient. Extra care is very important to avoid unnecessary incidents.

As nurse it is very important to always check or verify the name of the patient before giving medications. It is recommended that the nurse should always call the name of the patients several times before finally giving the prescribed medications. Other way to avoid mistake is to check the doctor's orders, the dosage and the route of giving the medicines. It is also recommended to put name tag for every patient to avoid mistakes in every nursing and medical care and intervention. It is always recommended that a nurse should check the doctors order before giving the medication. 


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