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Konsep Baru Nexus 6 Tampilkan Bezel Tipis

Nexus 6 with Thin Bezel (Photo: Phonesreview)


CALIFORNIA - Google Nexus 6 or dubbed as Nexus X is said to be released in late October 2014 Before the handsets in circulation, appear appearance Nexus smartphone concept 6.

Reported Phonesreview, Monday (29/09/2014), a new concept Nexus 6 circulating on the internet. This time, the concept of the latest handsets featuring a thin bezel, which is made ​​by designers Ramon Rivas.

X is the latest Nexus device runs on Android OS Specification L. outstanding reveal, a smart phone with a 13MP camera (rear) and 2MP (front) presents a 5.9 inches screen, Quad HD resolution.

In addition, the smartphone is powered Snapdragon processor 805 (quad core) it has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a battery capacity of 3200 mAh. In view of this new concept smartphone, the Nexus X comes with captivating designs, taking the design of the Moto X and Nexus 5.

A few days ago also emerged the concept of the Nexus smartphone concept Nexus 6 Figure 6 shows published by 9to5google body that looks exactly like a smartphone handsets Moto X in a larger screen version.

Rumors are circulating revealed, Nexus 6 will be equipped with speakers BoomSound technology and supports high-resolution video recording or 4K. Not yet known what the price tag of the Nexus 6 (ahl)


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