Things I Wanted To Tell You

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It was sure to happen I was knowing
but not sure it would be like this, It was unexpected
We reached together so far
and now we are away
you blamed me for all this
but did you think what was actual reason?
I do not have any regret for being your mate in past
Our memories are with me till last
I wish I would tell you my feelings
unfortunately, nothing more happens well now
staring at you, teasing you and fights with you are the most enjoyable things for me and now it is my memory too
All this is lost now from me
A question arising in my mind that did u ever love me?
If your answer is yes then I wonder how you can leave me alone
I will be loving you till end of my life
and wishing for all your happiness, lovely life and success in your kitty..
I know things will work in your favor

Source : -My own article

Image :pixabay