Things that makes a true New Yorker different from others

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                                                                                                         New York heaven for fun lovers it’s a state in United States and is considered as the most densely populated state out of 50 states of United States. It’s a state which never sleeps. It’s a global power city , it’s a hub of technology, fashion, education research and entertainment.

             These entire do made New York sound and look different but a true New Yorker is the one who can show you the true beauty of this wonderful land. You know New Yorkers are considered very different because whenever you’ll meet a New Yorker you’ll see how bewildering they are.

   Well here I’ll tell you some very common and interesting things about a true New Yorker which makes them different and astonishing from rest of the world.

  • They say that they are waiting “on line” instead of” in line”.
  • They consider iconic food items such as pizza, cheese cake burgers etc overrated even though they are very proud of that all these items started in New York.
  • They never prefer to be on any sightseeing bus.
  • They prefer complicated routes just to ignore standing beside the road and waiting for light to change so that they can cross the street.
  • They feel uncomfortable and scared whenever they visit any rural place or place with lots of rules.
  • They walk down the streets where there are many restaurants but then also they complain that there is nothing to eat.
  • They can always trace an outsider or the one who is not a New Yorker no matter how hard that person is trying to like a New Yorker.
  • They have always jumped in some taxi which was called by someone else.

If you see all these qualities in a person at New York then be very sure that you met a true New Yorker.


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