Things to know before Buying a new Computer.

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If you are willing to buy a new computer then you should have to acknowledge some points before buying it.

1.First of all you have to know for what kind of work you are going to buy a computer. Example:Business,Gaming,Graphical Work etc.

2.Second thing you have to look at you pocket,always buy that machine which is reasonable to you & fulfills your requirements.

3.Its your choice to buy a branded machine or Non-Branded/Custom-Made machine,You can customize a custom-made machine as your required hardware built-in's but you cant customize a branded one,It comes with pre-installed hardware built-in's.

4.Advantages of buying custom-made machine are that you can enhance any thing you want to,Example: Hard-drive,RAM,Mother-Board,Graphics-Card,Processor etc.

5.If buying a branded machine then you have to check some specifications that are Cache,Bus speed,Form-Factor,Processor,Graphics Integration,RAM type,HDD Type,Power Supply Spec, etc.

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