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Hello everyone!

Do you have a dog?



We will be talking about...... DOGS! (Yey! That is if you have a soft spot for dogs, then you should be inspired to read this!)

It's just that I happen to own one too so I thought of bringing up the topic. Because before, I didn't have a thing about them, but then I saw this:

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And it opened the door! It changed my perspective! I suddenly thought of him. His name is Yoogie, our family pet.


My pet dog Yoogie

How could I always neglect and ignore him before? Such a cute and lovely creature yet I have ignored all the time. Sometimes you need something or someone to open your eyes. The woman and her dog in the video knocked on my heart and put me into realization.

To make it straight, I now love my dog! Such a wonderful blessing to our family! :)

I took this picture of him during our hometown festival. I captured many shots but this one is the best-looking for me. He is very smart and handsome!

At first, I didn't know how to make this blog. But after a couple of days, I finally thought of an alternative idea. So how do I do it?

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It's simple! I'm using quotes on pets OR I'll be reacting to them. OR maybe I can do both. If you think I'll depend on them, YOU'RE WRONG. I WILL ELABORATE THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Also, I did a little research about the topic. So now, I'm ready! Let's begin folks!

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NOTE: Three most striking quotes will be chosen in totality.

QUOTE #1:"Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God.... " ~ Christopher Hitchens

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Did you know that dogs also get jealous? For example, you and your pooch have a strong bond. You are the one giving him all of his basic needs, his food, water, toys, shelter, affection, and everything. For him, you are the center of his own universe. YOU ARE HIS EVERYTHING. And then suddenly, your focus got shifted. Maybe because of pregnancy, a new work, a busier life, or anything that tries to take his attention away from you. And because YOU are his god, he would feel like he has no more world to live in and reach out to you just to get you back.

*Jealous dogs video compilation:

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*Dogs that don't want their owners to go away:

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That is why some dogs physically insert themselves between you and your partner in cases of new relationships. Dogs don't like to be ignored. 

*These dogs are not happy about their owners giving a kiss to their partners!:

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In situations like these, NEVER disrupt his activities of daily living. You shouldn't let him feel that you don't care anymore. That will only distort his sense of fulfillment. 

QUOTE #2: "I love dogs. They live in the moment and don't care about anything except affection and food. They're loyal and happy. Humans are just too damn complicated." ~ David Duchovny

To illustrate this, let me show you some examples:

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What you saw are pictures of homeless people... with their ONLY bestfriend in life... dogs.

"I love dogs. They live in the moment and don't care about anything except affection and food ..."

It is true that dogs are a man's bestfriend. The pictures show it. When you have them, they won't care how rich or how poor you are or whether you have cars or don't have. Homeless people have nothing in life. BUT they've got a shoulder to cry on. When they feel sad, they could sigh in front of them. They could talk to them about their problems knowing that even though they couldn't respond, they know deep inside they have their time. 

"... They're loyal and happy. Humans are just too damn complicated.".

This is another thing I'd like to point out. Humans are very complicated. You can't just trust anyone. The world is full of monstrosity and that is because of humans. Humans betray you. Humans break promises. Humans hurt you.

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But with dogs, it's different. Dogs are loyal animals!

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Even if you shout or yell at them, they'd still choose you.

When you come back after leaving, they'd know it is still you. Your face, your voice, your breathe, and even your emotion right at the moment you meet, they can recognize all of these with ease, then give you a warm welcome.

I'll show you a video of dogs IN REUNION with their owners:

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Yes, it is heart touching. :)

In case if you're wondering how possible it is for dogs to remember their owners, there have been studies that say olfactory nasal receptors (receptors found in a canine nose responsible for the strong sense of smell), facial recognition, and physical absence itself are the main reasons why dogs DO remember their owners.

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Also, the dog's brain makes it 40 times a lot greater in analyzing smells than ours. As with sight, they can easily recognize their masters, easier than what we can when we try to recognize our friends from a distance. Vigilance to the highest degree!

If you want to read more of the explanation, you can go to this link.

QUOTE #3: "Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach." ~ Moby

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I know it sounds hilarious but it has a point. Sometimes, we need to learn from dogs. Everything they do (well of course except sleeping), they do it ecstatically. Even by seeing food or a simple toy, they become ecstatic. Or when they see you, you DO notice them running back and forth with excitement.

*Video compilation of dogs welcoming their soldier owners home:

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Dogs get excited even with simple things. We should be like them by learning to appreciate what we have. I know that we have our own dreams but isn't it also nice to set them aside for a while (because thinking about dreams is at times frustrating) and just think of nothing but life's simplicity? 

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You know it. The fact that you can breath. The fact that you can wake up for another day. The fact that there's always a chance to change our mistakes day by day. All the simple things in life too often people fail to look at. When you reflect on how bad your life has been, just think of your loyal pet. He fills your emptiness with a heart that is as strong as two lovers.

Flipping the other side of the coin, the ".... but no sense of shame" has got double meaning. 

Negatively speaking, dogs don't feel guilty after doing something unpleasant. Studies show that they may only look ashamed, but there is really no remorse. The truth is they are expecting you to scold them which causes them to adapt to your anger by displaying that submissive look. Dogs are geniuses. They may have the mind of a two-year old kid but they can never be underestimated. 

*Watch these videos of 'guilty' dogs getting scolded by their owners.

Video courtesy of Funnyplox (

Video courtesy of Funnyplox (

But don't you worry, they are still a man's bestfriend! They'll look up to you no matter what, so chill, because they'll always sing the song by Whitney Houston, "I Will Always Love You."

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So that ends my blog about dogs. I hope you've been able to get into the feet of your dog after reading this. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and don't forget to tell me your insights too! I also hope I've inspired you in some ways. Now, I recommend that you go and spend time with him. Cuddle him. Make him feel that he is the most valuable creature on earth. Goodbye and see you in my next blog!


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