Thinking About Police And Protection

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When it comes to self protection, it's silly to think that the police are enough. In most cities, the response time of the police ranges from 5-10 minutes at the very least, some places it can even take over an hour for an officer to arrive on the scene.

Most often, the police will show up after a crime has already been committed, they seldom will be walking or driving by when it is occurring/in progress. The responsibility of protection, protecting our belongings, and our family, falls on us. What are you going to do if you ever need help and the police aren't there in time? Have you ever thought about it?

An unarmed victim is an easy target. I would try not to use any violence in response however, opting to flee when and if at all necessary. This is because I would try not to (or aspire not to) match evil with evil, and instead try to overcome it with good. It is hard to say what you would do in a given scenario however, because you don't know until you are faced with those direct circumstances. Calling the police and then sitting around waiting for them to show up and save me is a laughable situation to consider and I have seen too many circumstances where they have shown up to only make matters worse..........................................................................

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