This is Rangoli – Colorful drawing of wellness

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This is Rangoli – Colorful drawing of wellness

Tradition and culture is the main ornament of our beautiful country. Though we have variety in religion and observation of our own festival, but everywhere the unity of diversification can be found. All people of all states observe the day in their own style. We draw a painting in front of the door and the way of our home to invite our Goddess Lakshmi who is the God of prosperity. State-wise the style of painting is different, but not the theme and motive. That paint is known as Rangoli in all over the India. We the Bengali do paint such Rangoli with the rice batter and mixing in water; hence it color is only white. Sometime we mixed little bit other color too. So it is compulsory to use rice batter with more water, that mean it can be use as water color. But in South India, people use the rice dust to draw such Rangoli. Also color can be used to draw extremely beautiful Rangoli, but everything will be in dry forms only.

The picture of Rangoli above has been drawn by my house owner on the yard; my little girl is just posing here, hahaha; I am standing behind and my hubby took the snap.

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