This Isn't What I Was Thinking It Was...

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When I read RPG (in the chrome extension, description) I was thinking Dragons And Elves, although to be fair I read "an Influencer's rpg". I think they mean it is a way for you to act out your role on social media and influence the world "with positive change". Which is totally something I could get behind, although it is for sure something I need to investigate to see if this is a good platform for that thing. I am still wishing it was a platform I could choose to be my favorite race "half-elf" or "elf".

Weird to have these kinds of things to cross paths though, I have been spending the day trying to monetize the internet (or my interactions on it) and more recently talking to my D&D group about meeting up Wednesday. I know, I know, we have established that this isn't the same type of roleplaying game but either way the two have met to finalize this day of all days.

OH and to boot the currency of this (hopefully) wonderful community is non other than a favorite of mine, BITCOIN!!! Crypto currency is the future I want to see. A category that is only a reality due to the open source quality that made bitcoin and all of it's offspring. So interacting in an rpg where bitcoin is the standard should be fairly interesting!

There is much left in this quest before I can tell what this world looks like but with my trusty twig (+d4) and my Charisma bonus (+5) I am sure I can conquer this world quickly. What a wonderful idea sitting around hopefully my friends will join me on this platform ;D



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