This turned out to Reason Why "Crazy People" Always Healthy and Easy Pain

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        You ever think why a madman never get sick? let alone a madman on the loose in the street, they never bathe, eat and drink carelessly, there is also no wear, no matter what dirty things but still they are healthy. To answer this question is easy, the answer is because the crazed never stress, they never had the burden of thinking and always feel happy.

That's why people never get sick mad because life is always happy and never concerned with things - things around it that makes the body healthier than any sane person.

Crazy people never thought of all kinds, crazy people never ask all sorts of food even stale rice in a bin will he eat. Taunya madman he was hungry and did not bother with rice or rice casserole important soiled himself satisfied and able to walk - the road again.
In contrast to the sane, sane people who look just disgusted stale rice, sometimes even very select - select the menu, there is a little problem immediately becomes the burden of thought. This is what makes sane people often feel the stress that can make him sick.

It would be extraordinary not, madman who is often called the stress turned out stress madman making himself much healthier than the stress in their right mind could even make him mentally ill.

And do you know crazy people who underestimated this turned out belonged to a noble person in God's eyes. Based on the facts, you try to think if a crazy person would never feel deprived, never complained even himself always accept whatever God's gift to him. Never demanding all kinds, even when he felt unwell he never complained, he was always happy to accept the pain by doing what he thinks is more fun.

Such conditions are very much different from the sane. People who are still sane often feel deprived, already had an income of millions still always feel less, already had the motor still want to have a car, already have a good food menu still want food that is more delicious.

Serba was shortage that makes any sane person is always a lot of thought because of his desire higher. Thoughts to quickly - quickly able to get what he wants this to be a burden. Not to mention if the intention was not reached. Will certainly make the stress and make him not want to eat, poor lifestyle and eventually make his health worse.

Therefore, from now try to live more grateful to take life more relaxed, but lacks effort. With a happy thought without this burden will continue to make your body healthy and away from the word pain.

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