This year's strongest typhoon

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I just read news today  from ABS-CBN network that an strongest typhoon this year  will make land fall in Japan and is much more strongest storm than typhoon Haiyan ( Yolanda ) that hit  in Leyte.  I am just thinking how will Japan prepare with this kind of tragedy. :(   


During the Typhoon Haiyan the whole world  was sending help to the places that were affected.  Government was slow,  people  get's angry,  victims  looted. With all of this,  I am wondering how about the government of Japan?  Although am praying  hope it won't happen to that said country, as we know  we all  have  relatives living in Japan.


Worried, and yet confident  that I hope this time people and government  in Japan  will be prepared enough. And that  evacuation can stands no matter how the disaster is too big.  And so I pray.

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