Thor Ragnarok: With Mjolnir Gets Destroyed, How Could The God of Thunder Save His People?

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  • Thor Ragnarok

  • With Mjolnir Gets Destroyed, How Could The God of Thunder Save His People?


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It's been a while since the last time that I've watched a movie on the giant screen. The same old reason, "too busy at work". Much as I wanted to go on a vacation, to visit other places, to sleep more and to spend the day watching movies or going to the malls, well, this is the reality. I have to work 5 days a week and spend more than three hours on travel every day. 

Good thing there is Bitlanders, which is the very reason why I got these free tickets. Had it not with these trying hard writing activity that I am eager to learn and develop, I won't be able to get these free tickets. Bitlanders is such a blessing to me. I just love this place. 

So, let's proceed with the main reason why I am writing this post, to share my review of the movie, Thor Ragnarok

The Cinema


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I would like to point this out, 'not all cinemas are equal'. A Bichara Silverscreen, for me, is the best movie theater in our place. With its state-of-the-art facilities, watching your favorite movie can really be the most satisfying and enjoyable experience. The place is so comfortable and the cinema-surround system is something that would make you feel like you are inside the movie itself. 


 Thor Ragnarok

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy and Science fiction


After Mighty Thor's (role played by Chris Hemsworth) encounter with his sister, the more powerful Hela (played by Cate Blanchett), who purposely destroyed Mjolnir, his mighty weapon, the lord of thunder found himself on another planet called Sakaar.

Hammer was crashed and exploded into pieces!


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One of the highlights of the movie was when villain Hela (played by Cate Blanchett), caught the Mjolnir in mid-air and started to crash the Mighty Thor's hammer with her bare hands. Cracks began to appear on the hammer until it exploded into pieces.

Mighty Thor was held in captive at the planet full of thrash, Sakaar where he met Valkyrie (Role played by Tessa Thompson) who brought him to the GrandMaster (role played by Jeff Goldblum) as a contender. There he was imprisoned while waiting for the gladiatorial battle. 


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Thor finds himself in a gladiatorial contest with a former ally and co-Avenger, and now as his opponent, Hulk. 


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Meanwhile, Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death, takes control of the Asgard after killing all the vigilant soldiers. At this point, Skurge, the Executioner (played by Karl Urban ) switch to her side after seeing the seemingly hopeless situation. You should see this twist in the movie because you will be surprised on what will happen before the end. 



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Now, while at Sakaar, Thor had to think of a solution on how he could escape the prison and save his people from the destructive plans of all-powerful Hela who took over his throne and on her way to destroy his home planet and the Asgardian civilization. 

Knowing that his main weapon was the Mjolnir, the mighty hammer, the destruction of the same creates another burden on Thor because he believes that without that weapon, he is helpless and not as powerful as he was.Because he believes that his power came from the hammer.

This belief has banished when Odin appeared on his thought telling him that he is stronger than he thinks he is. That the hammer is only used to control his power and not the power itself. The power is in him as the lord of the thunder.


The Main Characters


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Director: Taika Waititi, also known as Taika Cohen, was from Wellington, New Zealand. He has been in the movie industry for several years first as an actor and now he is focusing on writing and directing.

Movie Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Film Series: THOR

 The movie is full of action, rumbling, explosions with a twist of comedy. 


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 Thor successfully created a new Team, "The Revengers"


Loki in his signature costume while on the battlefield against the group of Hela.


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 The powerful Mighty Thor on his strongest self while fighting the evil Hela. 



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Here is another video wherein Chris was trying to explain the meaning of RAGNAROK. while he was trying to explain it from the mythology, Mark has to stop him to give way to Cate who explained it magnificently.  

Video Credits: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube


RAGNAROK is beauty, hope, justice

RAGNAROK is redemption, chaos, fire

It's the end of all things

The demise of gods

and the ascension of DEATH

  Cate Blanchett (excerpt from the video)

Chris: "That was so intense"

Mark: "I thought it was a comedy"


Moral of the story

The story is comparable to our government and the people in our government. The people who seem to be hopeless, powerless and unable to help without clinging on to their positions.

 We don't need special power nor high position in order to help the people in the community. All we need is the willingness and collaboration. We need to join forces in order to beat the problems in the society. 


Note: All the photos and videos presented herein are property of Marvel Entertainment and this movie review was personally written by Sharon Lopez



Written for Bitlanders:

by: Sharon Lopez

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