Thor: The Dark World Review

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Spoilers kept to a minimum but may contain them!!!

A year after the Avengers Thor and the Warriors 3 have been fighting dark forces in the 9 realms however the dark elves have returned to turn the worlds into darkness.

Firstly lets start with the main villian of the story Malekith. Played by Christopher Eccleston I would of thought that he could be quite a charismatic and well played villian. However the script and guidelines given to him must have been below par as his performance as Malekith is disappointing at best. He doesn't provide any reason for us to feel anything towards him and why we should be rooting against him. Secondly the plot is so basic in the fact that the evil man wants to turn to darkness and it is all on the hero to stop him and save the day. The amount of films that can apply to is a lot. I would of thought that they could of come up with at least a slight deviation from that basic line but they decided to literally do that plot which is extremely unimaginative. Also whist films need small coincidences to help the plot along some of the ones in this film are ridiculous such as the one cave Thor and Jane go into happens to be the one that has the keys to their car and provide them the portal to appear right where they need to be.

However there are good points with this film. Such as the comedic moments in it provide some well thought humor which also links back to the Avengers with a rather hilarious cameo with Captain America. Whilst Tom Hiddleston provides a very goo display as Loki yet again and provides premise for the third Thor film to come out in Marvels phase 3 films. The credit scene also sets up not only I think Guardians of the Galaxy next year but also the general story for Marvels film upto Avengers 3.

Overall whilst it has its good moments this film is well below par for Marvels past films and need to pick themselves back up after this as if the next set of films are like this then they have really declined in quality.

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