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I was biting my lip as I stared on the blank last page of this book. I was actually reading a trilogy, Thoughtless by S.C Stephens which I've just finished earlier. I started reading it last September but due to hectic days, I couldn't finish them in one roll.

For those not familiar, if you'd google, by the cover, you'd think it could be as erotic as Fifty Shades, you name it but I tell and assure you IT'S NOT. It's actually pretty inexplicit. Subtle. By the time I finally finished reading it though, I think this is now my favorite trilogy alongside Lauren Conrad's and Divergent and next to my another favorite single book, Everyday of David Levithan.

(I will not go over the plot anymore since it's only a google away lol!)

First off, this made me giggle, laugh, tear up, and swoon the entire time reading it. S.C Stephens has made it easy to read and very engaging to the point that I was having all these mixed emotions. I haven't read her other works yet but maybe it's in her writing style. There are a lot of moments that would reach right into you especially every sweet as a candy moment. I couldn't help my giddy oftentimes that I'd message my friend, to whom I recommended this series but she even beat me finishing it, just to outpour. I couldn't let go every moment, I couldn't flip to the next page past enough for I would go back at some point again. And what added to it was my devotion as a fangirl slash shipper over korean/hollywood couples. I could totally relate my insights and sentiments into the ugly sides the author had written about being in an entertainment industry.

Another is Kellan Kyle, the hero of the book. God! Imagine Chace Crawford in the body of Jake Egginton or...whose sinewy, hot body you could think of! He doesn't only have to-die-for looks and package, but also his words and actions towards his heroine would make your heart flutter out of your ribcage. To the point that I wish he's REAL! Also, this trilogy, especially the last book can offer you ideas for romantic surprises, uber sweet, I swear! If only I could replace the girl in the book, I wouldn't think twice!

Just the characters would make you fall in love! I rarely babble cheesy lines and I'm neither exaggerating. But I'm totally fangirling over this!

Have you counted my exclamation points? Lol!

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