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Thoughts of Fads Leo


We live, while we see the sun where life and dreams are as one. And living has taught me this; man dreams the life that is his, until his living is do e. As I rekindle in me my dream of a world where no child is seen barefoot walking on the street, tapping on window of passing cars, begging for a scrap of food essential as the air breathe or the warmth of the sun. How I dream of a society as caring to its people as a mother is to her children. How I dream of a world where children are considered as joys rather than nuisances, where they more treated as human rather than tools. This is my dream...

A I dream, so must I act, for dream without action is a vision, and vision without action is just a dream? I would certainly take a huge amount of work and great deal of effort to make my dream into reality. While I alone cannot change the world, I cast a stone across the water to create many ripples. I shall be a loving child to my parents, a caring sibling to my brothers and sisters, a responsible person in my work, a good Samaritan to my neighbor, a true Christian to my community, and a faithful to my vocation.

I don't necessarily have to aim for the moon and take a shot at the stars to be able to do something noble and profound for humanity, every life I touch creating a million ripples multiplied many times over. It only takes one person to show the way and another to follow Jesus shown the way. It is now for me to follow His path and walk in His footsteps.


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