Tichnical Education In Kabul

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In 1955, the first techniacl school was opened in Kabul by the support of America.

since that time, the Afghn govermant has spent alot of money on technical training.

the goverment aim is to train more of its citizens in varius skills such as carpentry, electricity, cr repairing and so on.

the goverment operates diffirent kinds of technical dipartments.

they are industrail, commercial which are located in diffirent provences of Afghanistan.

Males and females can apply to go and attend to technical schools when they are nine class graduated or have the high school diploma.

Nine grade graduated students are employed technical high school while the 12th grade graduated students can go and take an exam in technical institutes where they can get 14th grade graduated diploma.

During the training, trainees who come from provences are given goverment grants and free accomodation.

Many of the trainees are immediately employed to governmental offices.

Students hoping to work industrylearn skills such as car mechanics, car body repair, painting, refrigration, air conditioning, electricity, radio and TV.

The goverment's technical schools have prepared thousands of student for jobs.

 the number of young Afghans entring the technical school continues to grow.


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