Tigris and Euphrates

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Tigris and Euphrates are often called Twin Rivers. The oldest civilization of human history was started here in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia means land between two rivers, which is the name given to the fertile land between these two twin rivers Tigris and Euphrates. Both these rivers start in the mountains of Turkey but follow separate courses before joining together in southern Iraq. After joining together a single river is formed which is called Shatul Arab. The Shatul Arab runs a small distance before emptying into the Persian Gulf. The Euphrates is the longest river in south west Asia. It started high in the mountains of Turkey. The river has cut deep valleys through the land.

                The Tigris and Euphrates have remained prominent in history. Euphrates also called Farat in Arabic. The famous incident of Karbala took place on the bank of Euphrates. Tigris also called Dijla in Arabic. The historic city of Baghdad, once the capital of Muslim world, was constructed across the Tigris.    

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