Tips for friendship in Islam

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Islam mentioned 20 tips that bring friendship between people and make them friends, which are:

1.      Telling Hi: Quran ordered Muslims to tell (Hi) each other; this can bring friendship between them and make them to feel secure.

2.      Handclasp and embrace of each other: this is also a way to become friend with each other and will bring a good relation between them.

3.      Respect view and belief of each other: everyone has his own view and belief we should respect his views. If his view be wrong so we should try to correct that not by force just only by smile and calm.

4.      Consult in different matters: in every step of life we should pay attention on adult’s advices and we should consult with them because they are experienced people. Consult with each other in different matters can bring friendship and trust.

5.      Be honest:  an important way to keep our friendship is honest and trust on each others. Honest can have power to save our friendship and it may also tighten this connection.

6.      Adhere to promise: whenever you try to tighten the connection between each other is so difficult, but to break this connection is just a second. In this case friendship is also like a links if you lose a link then you lose the connection, so try to adhere on your promise.

7.      Collaboration and helping: getting friend or any other people who are in need is a way to get Allah’s reward. The real friendship is to be with your friend in sadness and happiness. Collaboration and helping others is a way to find more friends.

8.      Solve the wishes of others: try to help people who love to achieve their wishes and if you can do something for them so do it.

9.      Thank to other’s attempts: while a person attempts to help you then you should always be thankful of him. This thank to other’s attempts is a way to achieve his other help such as friendship.

10.  Wellness: favor to people is also a way to become friend with others. Wellness and favor can solve people’s problems if you don’t have to do for just get a smile.

11.  Invite: yes it is also mentionable that invites others for dinner or for parties will near people and makes them friends.

12.  Overlook people’s mistake: everyone can do mistake and no one is prefect so whenever someone do mistake then overlook it. You can also tell his mistake too but not in social.

13.  Cognize people’s wellness: take care of other’s wellness that they done for you and never forget it.

14.  Reminisce people with blessing: always reminisce people with blessing a way to get Allah’s reward too. This cause that your friend will be save from problems.

15.  Gift: to make happy someone so give a gift and to make friend give a gift.

16.  Visit: visit people while they are sick.  Visit people to understand people’s problem and to find ways for resolve.

17.  Affable: always keep smile on your lips and try to calm your sulk. If you be affable, people will love you and you will have their supports too.

18.  Love: love people to love you and love your friend that make best friendship.

19.  Working for Allah’s satisfaction: worship Allah to get reward. Working for Allah’s satisfaction makes easy your problems.   

20.  Joining council: council is one of the bases of Islamic Society. This can near people and make them friend.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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