Tips for long black and strong hair

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Tips for long black and strong hair

Long black hair is every heart desire; girl’s even boys are very touchy about their hair. In order to make hair long and strong hair requires extra importance and care. if hair are not good looking self confidence is demerged. Everyone desires for healthy hair and he found easy tips to pop up hair.In this blog I will tell you some tips for your hair care. The home remedies can be easily used for getting healthy hair some of them are enlisting below;

1)Take half cup of water and add in it half cup of apple vinegar mix it and fill this liquid in a bottle which can be easily used, now spry this solution on your hair.apply this for one hour and wash your hair, Keep in mind that this liquid should be applied properly on hair root this will results dandruff free shiny and silky hair. I tried this at home and I love my hair after this operation.

2) Those people who are bald and want to have hair on their skull here is very applicable recipe for them. Take half kg of olives crush them with seeds and add a cup of water as they dip in water. Place this mixture in sun for a day and apply this mask every day in morning and at night you will see the results and will get benefit inshallah. This tip is applicable for those who want long black hair. This is very useful for healthy hair.

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