Tips how to increase earnings 1o oo bitmiles per day

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  1. Login daily 
  2. daily quests
  3. ( 1st you need total 5000 subscriber then you daily work below)
  4. .Subscribe 200 Peoples Daily ( If over 5000 then don’t need it).Post 10 Microblog Daily…
  5. Add 1 Movies Daily
  6. .Add 1 Blogs Daily
  7. Add 10 Galleries Daily
  8. Change Your Avatar Daily
  9. Change Your Back Image Daily
  10. Do’not Exchange Buzz
  11. Only Buzz People’s Posts On Your Home Page
  12. .Do’not Comments Like ”Buzz Me ” And Like ”Subscribe Me”
  13. they will disable or suspend your account if you spam
  14. Buzz content  rated with 2 and 5 stars here are  the list of some
  15. blogs/quality-content-writers-list-on-bitlanders
  16. Get referrals and keep 2o% of earnings 
  17. open bitlanders in browser and minimize it


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Im ribizli.What is ribizli? Just a fruit grow in my country.
So im hungarian but i live in Serbia.I would like to show my country , events in my city and everything what made my life complet.

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