Tips on being stress free during Pre Production

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I am currently right at the start of planning my next film and pre production can always be a stressful time so i have gathered my personal top tips on being stress free so here we go!


1.) Make a plan-  I find that putting together a to do list helps me get the least favoured paperwork done sooner so the work i do enjoy I can look forward to almost. Also put together a schedule so you can give yourself required breaks to avoid overworking and to stop you from working to long or too short on work 

2.) Flick the kettle on- Go grab your self a tea or coffee or if its evening a hot chocolate to keep you calm as i find that drinking tea when working makes me more relaxed and keeps me hydrated and also gives me the time to have a 2 min break to gather thoughts when making it

3.) Get comfy!!- Slip into your sweatpants and a comfy jumper or hoodie and clear your work space so you don't have a cluttered work space which makes for a uncluttered mind and gives your the space to spread your work out infront of you and crack on. The comfy clothes help me relax so feeling relaxed already makes me feel relaxed when working and i work at a better rate

4.) Get the candles out-  The dancing flame infront of me makes me feel calm and happy and also inspires me. If i get a bit hot headed with my work i take time to watch the candle in a almost therapeutic way to bring down the stress levels

5.) Have a treat!- I find having something to work towards like at the end of the day maybe a beer or sometime to play the playstation keeps me going and makes me work towards the end product so i can have some me time and down time. Everything feels better when you've earned it !


I hope these tips help ! they always keep me on target and relaxed (but not overly relaxed as if i was on a cruise) when working and still get results that are required. If you have any suggestions by all means email me on


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