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Facebook business communication is one of the ways in which companies can present and disclose themselves. Compared to other advertising tools, accounts on social networks are not a very expensive and effective tool for providing information about their activities to existing and potential users.

Today, Facebook has become a dominant social network not only among individual users but also among business representatives. With your company's Facebook profile, you will not only be more visible on the web, but you'll be able also to easily communicate with existing or future customers.

The targeted use of the social network can become a part of a great business communication strategy.

You earn influence by giving value and attention to other people. BE USEFUL! - Laura Fitton


All business areas require advertising, so any company can create a business profile on Facebook. Especially, when this is free, and, when with paid advertising services, it is easy to reach the desired customer. In addition, the Facebook profile is also useful for feedback.

How to get more attention on Facebook? How to promote people's engagement? Like everything in life, it completely depends on the situation: your business area, available resources, and financial opportunities. Simple, but ever universal, advice would be a constant and not a persecuting Facebook communication.

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Four Steps To Facebook Communication:

1. Communicate consistently

Although each company or any business representative can create a Facebook profile, it does not guarantee success yet - it's not enough just to be on the social network. The maintenance of your Facebook profile is very important because it is there that your activity becomes accessible to anyone browsing the web.

If you do not want the communication on the Facebook profile to not undermine the company's image, it is necessary to first sort out the published information. Second, you should decide what information and how often should be posted on your profile.

No need to romanticize the Facebook communication or to make it unnecessarily complicated.  If you steadily keep in touch and be useful to your potential customers, people who find you being really interesting, they will eventually hear you.

A professionally looking Facebook page and consistent publication of posts will help the audience to discover and value you. By giving a nice impression to potential customers, you can be sure that if they have any need for your services or goods, you will be one of the first choices.


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2. What's Too Much - That's Unhealthy

Your posts should not be links that are not relevant or just links to the company page. A visitor will understand this as a direct ad; he will be disappointed to see the advertising ads in the newsletter, simply leave the page, and maybe even change the opinion about your company.

Many people visit Facebook to distract, relax, or divert their attention from work. Look for inspirational and motivating, fun information. Rarely who visits Facebook with the purpose of buying something or reading advertisements.

Forced or overly obvious advertising rarely poses a positive emotion.  We can experiment: turn off the Ad Block gadget in your browser and open one of the news portals. Well, even for the news leader: on the top, on the left, on the right and on the bottom - advertisements are flying everywhere. There are so many of them that almost overshadow the site's articles. Did you want to shut off all ads?  Believe, not you alone. On Facebook, the same laws apply. 

Do not turn your wall to the advertisements board! Combine sales promotions with sincere, natural, and fun content for your audience.


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3. Plan All Your Posts

Your Facebook posts should create at least little value to the clients. Please, realize that too frequent publication with no value posts is not good - you get even the otherwise result. Obtrusion can have negative consequences. The question is: where is this limit?

Typically, for small businesses, I would suggest publishing 4 to 8 entries a month, and the desired audience to reach by the advertising of your posts (boost them). E-shops can communicate more intensively: quality traffic to the site is vital for them.

No matter what number of posts you choose, you must work strategically. Plan your Facebook account schedule in advance: then implementing and expanding within the time and money limits will be much easier.


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4. Do Not Rush Hot-Headed To The Innovations 

It's no secret that the video format is currently reigning. These Facebook posts are getting a lot more free reach of the audience, but it requires the investment of much time and creativity. Before immersing yourself in video creation, evaluate your options honestly. Will you be able to create video content that is not only fun but also created enough professionally?

Let's be open: even the most loyal fans of your Facebook business page do not want to watch a creepy video filmed with shaking hands which sound infringe the health of your ears.

What's currently on the wave, or what your competitors and others are doing, is not necessarily the best solution for your business. Do not forget that the message itself and its presentation are much more important than the format of the post.

After all, the content and its context grab the attention of your clients.


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Some Tips For Successful Facebook Communication 

The tips for Facebook communication in order to gather the right circle page fans:

Communicate with the audience naturally, give them the fresh, original, and helpful tips.

Information should be updated regularly, but not too often, preferably once a day(new post or boost post).

Recently, video material has been very effective, but it's not worth doing it longer than 3 minutes.

Look for ways for the feedback. Not only share your information but also watch what your fans are doing, respond to their posts.

Post your news, tips, interesting, and useful posts from time to time on your own business page. All published information must relate to your business. This way you will shape the image of you as professional.


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Facebook Boost Post Feature

Certain knowledge is needed to make effective use of Facebook's social network. Emotion must be combined with calculation. A useful strategy for communication requires careful monitoring of statistics: traffic to the site, the growth of the number of fans, the development of engagement and, of course, increase of sales.

You do not need every day to create ads creatively about your business. Use Facebook Boost Post feature. 

When you create posts on your Facebook Page, sometimes you'll see a blue Boost Post button appear after you publish the post. The Boost Post button allows you to quickly create a Facebook ad using your post. This ad can appear in different places on Facebook, and you can show it to an audience of people you define. Boosting a post from your Page is a quick and easy way to show your content to people who might be interested and grow your Page audience.


The promotional function of the boost post is well known to each Facebook business page's admin. It's easy to get used to the principle: you create a post on your Facebook page, press the big and powerful Boost Post button, and you're advertising already! Now you have to wait for the post would see the whole world, or wait for the advertising budget will be emptied.

Before you create any type of Facebook ad, you should first ask yourself what the result you are seeking for? The answers can be varied: to increase brand popularity, increase sales, attract more visitors to a website or a real store. If the goal is clear, you have to choose the most effective type of Facebook advertising. But here's the fundamental dilemma: which of the tools is most appropriate?

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What The Benefits Bring Facebook Boost Post Feature?

 Greater engagement in the post

Undoubtedly you get more LIKE clicks and comments, and the number of fans on Facebook is increasing. If a post links to your site, it's likely that there will also be a significant increase in traffic to it. Truly sweet results! The only thing that can upset such an idyll, the turmoil of an internal voice: Am I getting a financial return from advertising?

Reaching the more target and larger audience

 It's no secret to anyone that your postings without advertising will at best be seen only by your fans. Well, according to the current Facebook algorithm, maybe 10-15% of them will see. Perhaps, somebody will share the post, and this information will reach his friends. The situation is changing if you decide to open a wallet for a larger view of the post.

The Facebook boost post feature allows you to choose exactly who will see your post very accurately. It's not limited to fans of the page: you can broadcast your ad entirely to new people who have not heard about you, to the remarketing audience, or to users who have recently been featured on your Facebook business page.


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Ads at a low cost

 Advertising costs not only your money but also time. Creating attractive and user-friendly content requires a variety of resources and hours of work.  It's no wonder that you want your post, created so creatively, would be seen by as large as possible targeted audience.

After all, having already a well-crafted idea, it would be silly not to use it for the promotional purposes, right? Why use your time and creativity to create additional advertising, optimize it, and analyze the results?

Boost post feature will increase audience engagement and visibility, but if you're looking for more traffic to your site or sales, you may be uncomfortable to be disappointed. To achieve these goals, Facebook offers significantly more effective forms of advertising.


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What Benefits Facebook Communication Can Bring To You?

Better sales

If your goal is direct profit - invest in conversion-optimized advertising or remarketing. These types of ads are designed to reach potential customers and generate as many orders as possible. E-store owners can broadcast an ad that will show already viewed items by a customer! Those who seek result here and now can add a special discount offer or free shipping option.

Increased traffic to the site

Web traffic advertising that attracts visitors to your site has probably already been tested by many of you. For businesses whose orders occur (or begin) on the web, this is an ideal option. The cost-per-click advertising price is still relatively low, and the audience is increasing with each passing day. However, you rarely meet a tried-and-tested ad to drive visitors to a real business store or affiliate. It's a shame - the latter ones can confirm that such advertising pays off well!


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Collection of contacts

Extremely valuable advertising campaigns goal is the contacts of potential customers. The Facebook Leads ads format, which has been released not so long ago, has been well implemented. The selected audience is given a short questionnaire asking for the desired information: from the e-mail address to buying habits. The Facebook system fills essential content automatically according to personal profile data - it is quicker for the user, and the advertiser can be calm about the accuracy of the responses.

Facebook creates an opportunity for the company to have a mini-site where the company can provide information and introduce itself to potential customers using Facebook. With your Facebook business page, you can collect fans to whom you will give all the information. Updating information will be visible to all business friends. The information should include not only textual but also graphics, visual, video, audio materials. In addition, interested fans will be able to send you personalized messages and ask what about they are interested. In addition, Facebook offers paid advertisements.

Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you. – Matt Goulart


On The Final Note

Measured results and continuous improvement are prerequisites for effective Facebook communication. The three main aspects of successful communication are: knowing your audience, reaching it, and incorporating it.

Professional Facebook communication is an explosive, powerful charge of the image, advertising, and sales strategy! It's unlikely that you will find a more effective channel for communicating with existing customers and enticing future ones. High-quality Facebook administration allows the brand to speak with the client's voice: answer questions of interest, inform, engage and, most importantly, build trust and foster business success.

Facebook communication is constant communication and content creation. In the current market, you will probably not find a more effective means of communicating directly with existing and future customers! A well-maintained and attractive Facebook business page is not only a communication and sales channel but also an effective image-building tool.


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Communication on the Facebook page is not an advertisement. It's public relations. Think about it as a long-term, uninterrupted process, the benefits of which will unfold and grow easily. It worth investing your time and resources in this communication. No other channel will efficiently create the most valuable customer relationships: loyalty, feedback, and genuine communication.

It's important to not create fast and false expectations right from the start that hundreds of people will love the account right away, and notifications will be liked or even viral. To achieve such popularity, it takes at least several months to work purposefully, monitor the audience's response to the posts, and adjust the communication accordingly.



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