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From ranting teenagers to the most famous of celebrities, bloggers are like mushrooms after the rain—everywhere. Modern blogging services all but trivialize the technical hurdles, so all you have to worry about when starting a blog is the important part: you and what you want to say.

Location, Location, Location

I know, I know. You'd almost think you were house shopping rather than starting a blog. Blogging services tend to have different communities, though, so where you put your blog does matter. Consider your content: some services suit long-form posts, while the community around others heavily favors images. Do your research and find out which services your blogging idols—and blogs like the one you want to create—are using.

All You Need Is Love

When the media spotlights certain blogs, it can be tempting to start a similar blog to get a slice of the popularity cake. A popular subject does not necessarily make for a popular blog, though; those that go viral feature an author who obviously loves the subject. Blog about what you love, no matter how obscure, and you'll have a chance of your blog taking off when its subject does—and in the meantime, you'll have fun.

Make it a Habit

Imagine that one of your posts goes viral. Thousands of new visitors click through to your blog to see what else you've done, only to find that your last update was weeks ago. Think they'll keep checking regularly, just in case? Think again. Fortunately, your smartphone or tablet can help you blog even when you're away from home—and if you detest typing on a touchscreen, a lightweight laptop will be absolutely priceless.

Be Yourself

Loved a movie? Write your own review. Baked a cake for the first time? Grab your smartphone—or better yet, a digital camera—and snap a photo to go with the recipe. Ultimately, you need to give people a reason to visit your blog rather than others, and that reason is you. Even if you're saying things others have said before, you can provide your unique spin.


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