Tips to Get Better Ranking in Google

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The hoopla these days on the internet is to be the FIRST ranked website in Google. Many companies find different methodologies to counter the Google Attacks but the most important tool these days is to focus on what Google actually has to say. Some people consider that by getting a good logo and hiring the best logo design companies can help bring them on the first page. But it is more than mere design and user friendly. By following every word like a command; you can easily make your website come on the top. SEO these days is considered difficult and not an easy plate to counter. These people are clearly misled; SEO is simple if you follow the rule book. It is easy to implement and it is definitely simple to bring your websites up on the ranking pages. Hiring SEO services in Sydney may be an easy way out to bring your rankings up but the best way to go about it to educate yourself on how it works.

1.Titles, URLs and Descriptions:

All your titles, URLs and descriptions should be accurate to the business but they also should be user friendly; in such that the user can associate with them and make an informed decision. This tool is perhaps the oldest feature in the book and it is however, the most important one as well. SEO friendly titles and descriptions should be descriptive with a catchy phrase and friendly to the user. Putting in bold statement can put a counter wise effect on the total project.

All your titles and descriptions should always give a good idea to the user of what business and industry he is dealing with without going to the website itself. This matters to a great deal when your website is up on a search engine; as it gives the user the authority to make an informed decision. A unique title with a meaningful description and a well formatted URL are the key to a successful match. Remember: always keep them improving; never stick to one title and description for a long period of time.

2.Content is King:

The content is the sultan of SEO. You can never bring your ranks up or hold a sustainable position on the search engines unless you provide high quality content for your websites. You should have a good written blog that gives out your services and sends the message across. Keeping your audience entertained is the one thing that can get you organic listings in a faster way. Always keep your audience entertained with the best lines; try using images and infographics and slideshows to keep their interest levels up and about. If your content is static, you can never get happy customers as people will consider you an old and boring website.

3.Loading time:


The loading time is one of the most important because the page speed is one of the elements that brings your ranks up. Your page speed is what puts you on the first page of Google because fast websites always creates more conversions which in terms of business mean more sales and subscribers. The loading time is basically you getting more profit from your website. You can make your website faster by replacing bigger images with smaller ones, removing all unnecessary JavaScript Files, minimise http redirects, moving to a better hosting package and hosting provider and most importantly stick to the Google tips and tools.

Using a Google authorship can also help in bringing you on the top of the page. Google authorship is a new search result feature that allows you to follow their path without any delays and issues. It allows them to know it all; the clicks, who wrote it and what is the popularity count. Last but not the least; register your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools. Bring your website out in the front and let people know what your services are about. You never

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