Tips To Have Flat Tummy

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Flat Tummy Tips

How can we achieve a flat tummy? Here are some of the basic tips that we should remember to be able to reach our dream flat tummy if not the adorable abs:


1. You should drink a glass of water before eating your meals. This can help in the digestion and lessen your cravings because you are already half full.


2. You should divide you meals a day into five (5) small meals to make sure that you will not be eating to much because you are very hungry.


3. You must eat slowly. This will make sure that it will be crashed and digested properly. If you are not in a hurry of eating, you will only be consuming the right amount of food.


4.  You must know your serving sizes so that you cannot go beyond the right amount of serving.


5.  You must do cardio exercises for more or less twenty (20) minutes a day, five days a week. This will maintain you healthy condition.


6.  You should maintain good posture. This will strengthens your abdominal muscles.


7.  You should strengthen your core because this is the base of your body.


8.  You should cut if not totally eliminates your sweets and junk food.


9.  You shouls do basic push-ups and sit-ups. These two basic exercises tone-down abdominal muscles.


10. You should cut down your alcohol and reduce salt intake.


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