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Hello, guys!


Welcome to my new blog, where I will be talking about motivation, some tips, tricks, and ideas to improve the way you follow your goals. For me, it's a great topic as recently I had the chance to discuss this with many of my friends. And I kind of have a broader picture now of how others perceive motivation and their triggers to do this or that.


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I can't say I'm so great in psychology, but I do believe I'm very good at getting things done, and that because I managed to work it out for myself how to keep focused and concentrated on what's important. But in the beginning, let's see what is the definition of the word 'Motivation':


A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Oxford Dictionaries (


Truth is, many people, or at least the ones I see in my life and are around me, have difficulties to find the exact way so that they get what they want out of life and feel good about themselves. It seems to me that every person at one point or another is caught in his/her own incapability of doing what's best. And that's a problem simply because things that we don't do now have their impact in the future, and at the end, we might end up living a life that we actually didn't want for ourselves.



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To count all the negative implications the proper mindset and motivation might have on an individual it will take too long, and that's not the purpose of my post. What I do want to share though is the way to improve things and to direct your energy and thinking towards your healthy-defined goals. Let's get started:


1. Know what you want


As simple as it may sound, not everyone knows the things he/she wants in life, or if he/she has an idea about those, in many cases this idea is not clear at all or is too general. The first step in getting higher motivation is to define specific, achievable, individually-oriented goals. The thing is, you can't really expect to get what you want if you don't exactly know what that is. It's like going to the supermarket, you go buy bread, and eggs, or meat, but you choose what type of bread, what brand, what price, what grammage, etc.



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Setting a goal is very similar. I'll give an example:

First, you decide you want to find a better job than the one you have now. However, a better job is not specific, it's too general. It might mean better in salary, financially, psychically, emotionally, it might even mean distance to the office or benefits or nicer colleagues. So it's important to break this down and decide exactly what's needed to be achieved.



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2. Make a Plan


After setting a proper and most importantly possible goal, it's time to decide on a way to fulfill it. Making a plan is maybe the hardest part in finding motivation. The reasons for that are many. To reach a goal you'll gonna have to choose from multiple options. In most cases, there are several ways of achieving the same thing - and it's up to you to find out which is the most efficient, useful and smart.



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Another issue that might arise here and you have to be prepared for it is that your initial plan will most probably be just that - an initial plan. As time goes and situation changes, the plan will need adjustments also. Even so, having no plan will leave you in a complete chaos, where you will not know what you've done so far and how much is left to be completed until the end result.


3. Make things Fun


I believe that even the most boring job or task can be made fun if you can look at it from the proper angle. Every difficulty can be seen as something far easier with just a little bit of a mind tweak. And yes, to make completing tasks, or goals fun, the best is developing a positive mindset. If you believe something is hard - it will become so even if it's not. But if you change that to positivism and try to do things as though they are easy - you'll probably not notice all the little boring details in a job and will be able to do it with pleasure.



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Everything that you enjoy doing is not only good and nice, but it's also done in the best possible way by you. On the contrary - if you struggle to make yourself complete a task it is possible that you make more mistakes and not finish it properly. That's why achieving goals with a smile is always the better option.



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4. Make the First Step



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This may sound as an easy one, but that's not the case. The first effort you make, the decision to start following a goal is something that people tend to postpone so often. Like, sometimes you know you have to work on something, or you know you have plenty of tasks to get done, but you don't feel like doing any of them. That's why the first step is so important because after the first step is the second then the third and so on, you just keep going.

With time everything becomes easier and easier, when you spend more time focusing on your goals, ideas of getting things in a better way will come. For example, in studying or learning a new language - in the beginning, you don't know anything and you start from the alphabet, but as you progress then you add words, after that more and more complicated words to your vocabulary and knowledge just upgrades with time.



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5. Focus on the Outcome


It's a good idea to constantly remind yourself what's the final result and what will you gain out of it. Sometimes when it is hard to move forward and people tend to focus entirely on the present and the negative situation they are in. This can prevent them from seeing the full picture, the entire process of deciding on a goal --> making the effort towards it --> getting the privileges out of it. Yes, there will be difficult periods, but they can't be even compared to the sweetness of the success.



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It doesn't really matter what you go through and how hard it is (unless it's extremely serious thing) - most small issues or problems you come across on a daily basis will be forgotten the next day or the next week, and at the end when you enjoy the results of your efforts, those will be the last ones you remember.

These are the steps I use for myself every day no matter what my current goal or task is. I find them very useful for myself, and I never had any serious problem in getting stuff done. I hope you also like them and get the best out of this blog for yourselves.


At the end, I'd like to share a quote and a video regarding motivation with you:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain


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Thanks for reading!



- NinaB


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