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Everybody knows that there's games to play online that will waste your minutes, hours and days entirely away. However, not everybody knows that some online games dish out cash, prizes and/or reward points that are redeemable for cash or prizes! What kind of games? Where do I find them? How do I win? Are there tricks to making money with it? I will tell you everything!

Starting simply with games that are completely free to play is at a site called Winster. This site is a social network in which players help one another in earning reward points with a variety of games to play. The games on Winster include Poker Pals, Chain Gang, Spell Squad, and more. You are given 200 free spins daily (as a free player). There are pay options available, as well as a mail-in entry method for additional spins. The games at Winster earn you reward points that are redeemable for a variety of gift cards and other prizes. There are no special tricks for this, except the one that I use to save time; which is to spin and cash out every single point-earning activity versus spinning repeatedly for bigger points on a single "hand".


Another great site that is always free to play is DailyBreak. Right now their prize selection sucks, but I'm hoping that it improves, as I continue to earn and save up my points until better prizes show up. This site is basically mini trivia quizzes. You earn rewards points whether you answer correctly or not! They offer raffles and auctions with your points, too. I have won a CuisineArt BBQ Tool Set from a raffle in the past and have recently redeemed points for magazine subscriptions. There is no special tips & tricks for this site.

 Along the line of free games to play and actually win cash & prizes, we have Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, specifically. Better than the joy of playing poker for free with the opportunity of winning cash is the joy of options! There's a couple, maybe a few, sites that offer such. The one that I have been playing at the longest is NLOP, or National League of Poker. It's free. I have indeed won cash and more than once. NLOP does have a VIP (pay) program that I know how to not pay for. The "trick" is actually printed in the Official Rules under "Alternative Means of Entry" (AMOE). It's as simple as sending a hand-printed 3"x5" index card with specific info to the proper address.  It gives me 30 days of the same privileges that a paid "VIP" member is entitled to. Cool, right?! Another site that offers all of the same benefits and opportunities as NLOP and where I have also won cash is called PurePlay. Again, they have a pay membership, but I don't pay for stuff like that. There's a newer site that I found and have been playing for a few months (no wins yet). It's called Cafrino. It's totally free, no membership upgrades or anything for pay. So far, I like it; anticipating a good win.


I also like playing at NoPayPoker for free with cash prizes. I have yet to win cash in any of their games, but that doesn't stop me from taking a free shot at it every now and then.

Playing poker and other games with real opponents can open up your social network to meet people with like interests, too. Did you know that there's also online Bingo Rooms?!? Yes, B-I-N-G-O online with real people. You do not have to travel to your local firehall for the one night a week Bingo fun. You can play online any day of the week and make new friends, too. The odds of winning are no different than the physical bingo games. The cost-win ratio is also quite comparable. The fun of playing bingo and chatting with people from around the world is priceless.


Next on this list comes "pay" games. These are gaming sites which require you to make an initial deposit (normally $10 USD) in order to become a "cash player" and win cash prizes. It's really a lot easier than it sounds, even though each site has its own set of "rules" to how the deposit is spent or cashed out.

My most favorite "pay-to-play" site has to be RoyalGames a.k.a. King. I think my payments come in as MidasPlayer or something close to that. Nonetheless, I did indeed say "my payments come in..."! I have made an awesome amount of money on this site. It took me a minute to catch on, but I can help you avoid the hard parts of lessons learned. For starters, to win cash, you must deposit cash. The nice thing is that this site throws in a "bonus" percentage of your deposit. Find the daily freeroll and make note of its beginning time. That freeroll recurs on a twelve hour cycle at that noted time. I make sure not to miss the daily freeroll along with the Friday freerolls which all have jackpots that are dispersed among a number of players... meaning that you don't have to be "the best"; you can be satisfied with doing well enough to place. :) Withdraw your cash after the required time and play only out of "bonus" cash. Always on the plus side of things.


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