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You know

My time in this world is limited

But the things that I can do with that time

Are not

-Jeb Corliss



As I get older

And my perceptions about the world and the world around me

Changes I keep thinking to myself

What is it all for


I have grown up in a lot of ways

Very sheltered and in other ways

Very unsheltered

Like my brother Dustin


My brother Dustin is autistic

And that had caused me to rethink life in a lot of different ways

It had made me think about the future

Not only for my brother but for myself and the rest of my family


And in other ways I have lived such a sheltered life

I live on the Upper East Side of the greatest city in whole wide world

I have a house to sleep in clothes to wear food to eat

I have never really seen anything truly serious (other than my brother)


than compared to the starving children of Afghanistan

or the people living in the slums of India

or South America I even have a computer

where I am able to access the Internet and write my stories onto


I keep thinking what is it all for?

I know that one day I am going to die

I am just going to be another body in the dirt

Another dead body with a story



And that is why

In many ways

I am done with high school

I am ready to take what I have learned so far

And contribute to the world


To give back to this great country that is called America

And to thank this planet I call home

I think that is what separates me from my peers

They are thinking where they are going to be in 4 years

I am thinking about where I am going to be 4 years from 4 years from now


That is why on my 18th birthday

I am going to create a bucket list

A list of thinks that I must do before I die

And whatever goes on the list

Cannot be taken off unless it is crossed off


And many of these things on this list will be personal task

Like running a marathon

And an Ironman

Skydiving by myself

And BASE jumping in a foreign country


And many of the other tasks

Will be beneficiary

For other people

Like making sure my brother is as happy as he can be

Or changing someone’s life in a positive way


But this is what I need to do

Because in my opinion there are two ways to satisfy your life

You can either travel the world

Or change the world

And I want to do both


Everyday I wake up and I try to either benefit my life

Or inspire

Other people to benefit their life

Where it is by actually helping them

Or just showing that I can run a mile faster than them






And then they will try to set out

And beat me

If they choose to

That is why is some ways

New York City is the greatest city on earth





While New York City

Has a trait where no one bothers anyone else

And everyone minds his or her own business

We are still inspired by the little things that make this city great


Like the bucket drummers on the subway

While there are a lot of homeless men and women in the city

These bucket drummers are trying to make something of themselves

By pounding away and making some money to support themselves


Now I am not saying that all bucket drummers are homeless

And most aren’t

But it always brings a smile to my face

I always pause my music just to listen to them


And their playing and drumming

makes me want to keep going in life

Because if they can do it

Why can’t I?


I wish I had to take the subway to school

And not the stupid bus

Because then I would be able to see all these great sights

And it would inspire me to have a great day


Life is worth living for

And if you just go through the motions

And never try to appreciate it or help other people appreciate it

Then what are you doing? 

About the author


Dylan Sweeney is currently a student at the Trevor Day School in New York City

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