To Bitlanders, Just My Two Cents

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In my three months stay with bitlanders, I have seen a lot of changes, a lot of development and upgrades and I really appreciate those things.

However, I have also some experiences while using the site and the mobile application too which I believe would require attention from the administrators.

Below are just some list of those things are which might really help the users as well as the administrator.


On the website, we are limited on viewing those who had buzzed our posts. I believe it is better to give back the option where in we can see the heads of those who had buzzed us just the same as how it was before.


Having a mobile application is really great but it should be working the same as the website. Aside from the sluggishness of the application, it doesn't really have the option to add a blog or video, just microblog and once I add a photo on it, it won't take it. Only the characters were included. For us to add video and blog on mobile, we have to use a Web browser and type in the direct link, example:


I am quite concerned that there are blogs, videos and galleries which have been submitted way way before than the others yet they have not been reviewed still. Chances are I had somehow forgotten as to when I had submitted them. It would be really great if there's a certain section on the site where we can visually see the list of the submitted contents for tracking purposes.


One more thing that I wish I can monitor in bitlanders is the buzz points because certain buzz points expire like buzzes from reviews and referrals. The buzz graph though is totally helpful because it shows the base buzz and the direct power ups but breaking down that direct power up would be better. Let's say once we click on the direct power up, it would break down that seven is for the daily log in, one is for the invitation, five for the blog review and so on and so forth.

Those are the only things I have in mind right now, again this is just my two cents but hopeful that this would help the site as well.

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