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Cricket is a game that is very interesting and has also been widely recognized by the public, especially by countries that adopt the culture of the countries England, in other words that the former colony of England, from cricket innumerable tragedies tragedy which occurred in it, if curious aspires to know more all about cricket then it has been summarized in this blog then congratulations reads.

In the opening something sure begins with history. in cricket there are a variety of history in it but if you want to know more about cricket following the links to the whole of the history. [History of Cricket]


Various Championships in Cricket

In sport championship course, there are some that will make the attractiveness of the sport itself. This championship is always in forward by the players and fans of the sport of cricket. then follows a list of the championship which was held in the sport of cricket.





From some championships that have been held up to now. ICC World Cup is the oldest championship and the first known by fans of this sport.


The Equipment Used in Cricket

A. Tools in Cricket

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As with any other field sports, there are several cricket sports equipment needs to be prepared before the start of the match. Here is a list of the equipment.

Cricket ball

A cricket ball has an outer layer of skin form the content part consists of a cork tied tightly so that this ball has a texture that is quite loud. At first glance, it looks like a cricket ball balls used to play baseball. The cricket ball weighs around 156 grams to 163 grams. Meanwhile, circle the ball between 224 mm to 229 mm. General cricket ball is colored red with white stitching in the middle. But now there is also a cricket ball is white and is usually used in the game of cricket in the evening.

Cricket bat / Bat

Cricket bat or called the bat used to hit a cricket ball. Section grip the paddle shaped like a stick. As part of the bat in the form of willow wood shaped like swords were great. This bat has a length of 965 mm with a width of approximately 108 mm. The ball bat weighing 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg. This cricket bat also available in a smaller size specifically for children.


Wicket in cricket games do not use nets but rather consists of three milestones or poles that stood in a line and driven into the ground. At the top of this milestone are protective bar which connects between milestones. Each milestone for cricket at a height 71 cm and placed at opposite ends of the area used to throw and hit a cricket ball.

Protective helmets

This protective helmet worn by the player who served or batsman hitting the ball and the player who served as fielders standing close to the batsman. This helmet cover the top of the head and is equipped with the irons on the front that serves to protect the face. This protective helmet safety equipment cricket is very important to be prepared. This protective helmet will protect hitter of the cricket ball is hard and has a high speed.

Gloves and Pads

The gloves and pads are thick and large enough to be required by the batsman bat be gripped tightly and protects hands from the effects of the blow of a cricket ball. Besides batsman, a player who served as the fielders who is next batsman also use gloves and pads to catch a cricket ball.


The game of cricket is generally carried out in the open field. In the heat and humidity and the scorching sun, the players used to use as a protective cap and also prevents the players dazzled by sunlight.

Coatings or Socks

Footwear in the game of cricket is used by the batsman, fielders and also goalkeeper. This foot thick enough coating and serves to protect the lower legs of a cricket ball is a hard blow.


The professional cricket players generally use special shoes for the game of cricket. This shoe is lightweight and comfortable to use for running. One of them brand shoes that provide special shoes for cricket players are shoes with Puma brand.

And this is the real introduction to cricket equipment.

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B. On the cricket field

Besides preparing cricket sports equipment, the field for the game also need to be prepared. Field to play cricket elliptical with grass-covered surface of the flat landscape. Generally the cricket field has a size of 137 meters to 150 meters. The following images to cricket field.

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In the middle of the field is provided with a rectangular area that is used for throwing a cricket ball. The rectangular area in the middle has a size of about 20 meters. At one end of the rectangular area is a designated hitter bat or standing. While at the other end is provided for pitchers cricket ball or bowling.


Name Position ,Duties Cricketer and The Rules of Cricket

A. Name Position and Duties Cricketer

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Cricket is a sport played by two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. This team is then divided into their respective headings. Here is the name of the position and duties cricketer in a match.

Team Captain

The captain was also in charge is responsible for selecting the team, set strategy and determine the position players on the field of cricket.

Batsman or Batswoman

In the game of cricket, bat is known as a batsman. Meanwhile, in the women's cricket team, the player who hit the ball is called batswoman.

Bowler :

Role cricketer called this bowler is throwing the ball toward the batsman.

Wicket Keeper :

Wicket Keeper is tasked with capturing a cricket ball.

Third Man (Cricket)

The player who takes a position as the third man is behind the wicket on the off side.

Slips :

Position cricketer who served as slips are behind the wicket on the off side.

Gully (Fielders) :

The player with the duty gully position to catch the ball before the ball rolled farther and allowing opposing players to run.

Mid Off and Mid On (Fielders) :

The player with the role of mid off position on the left batsman, while the player who served as a mid on the right side batsman. Both of these positions as a right-handed batsman.

Long On and Long Off (Fielders) :

The position of the player who served as london is left standing behind the goal where the bowler. Meanwhile, the players who served as a long off is in the opposite position with a long position in right on the back of the net.

Cover Fielder (Fielders) :

Responsibility cricketer who are in a position blocking the cover fielder this is a ball that can harm and throw the ball accurately to the goalkeeper or the wicket keeper.

B. Rules Of The Cricket

Cricket is one sport that is derived from the English courts. Some people say that the sport of cricket is similar to rounders sports. When in fact the two are very different sports. Regulation of the sport of cricket has a characteristic that distinguishes this sport with other sports.

1. Cricket is played by two teams with each member of the team of eleven people.

2. In the middle of the field should be provided with a rectangular area to throw the ball.

3. When the cricket ground has been prepared, the players need to understand the rules of this game of cricket is duties of each position.

4. Total bat representing a team of two people, and will alternate with other players.

5. In each half-round matches, each team take turns to be the team designated hitter and team pitcher.

Turns of regulations on this cricket there are also laws of cricket following link (Laws Of Cricket).

If you have understood all the things that have been discussed above, here's to better understand how to play cricket.

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Best Cricket Club

ICC or International Cricket Council is an international council that governs the sport of cricket. International council was established in 1909 and is currently headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ICC cricket tournaments held and determine the best cricket clubs.

South Africa National Cricket Club

Based on the ranking of ODI, the current cricket club which occupies the top position is a national club that comes from South Africa. ODI or One Day International cricket competition is an event organized by the ICC. In 45 matches, South African cricket club get as many points as 5163.

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South African cricket clubs are often called are under the Proteas coach Russell Domingo. Some of the best performance ever achieved this club include winning the ICC Champions Trophy event in 1998 and won the gold medal in the event Commonwealth Games 1998. One cricketer of South African club, namely AB de Villiers also ranks as the best batsman at the moment.

India National Cricket Club

Occupies the second position as the world's best cricket team today is a national club that originated in India. Cricket Club of India's ODI rank second with 7196 points from 63 matches numbered. The cricket club captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was and is under the guidance of coach Duncan Fletcher. The best performance ever achieved national cricket club of India, among others achieve victory in the World Cup in 1983 and in 2011, as well as being the winner in the event at the 2007 World Twenty20 held in South Africa.

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Australia National Cricket Club

Clubs of Australia's national cricket including one of the oldest cricket club. The club, which has been competing since 1877 has been poor across the various tournament and face a lot of cricket clubs from around the world. Currently the Australian national cricket clubs were under coach Darren Lehmann. The club is often won in the arena of the World Cup in 1987, 1999, 2003, and in 2007. Australia's national cricket club rank third by 4902 the number of points from 43 games.

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Sri Lanka National Cricket Club

National Sri Lanka cricket club this one is also classified as an old club. Sri Lankan cricket clubs have already started playing in the international arena since 1926. Formerly the club less calculated. But since the 1990s, cricket clubs of Sri Lanka have risen and become a winner in the event the Cricket World Cup in 1996. Meanwhile, in the Asia Cup, Sri Lanka cricket clubs posted victories in 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008, and 2014. The Sri Lanka cricket clubs were under coach Marvan Atapattu and captain Angelo Matthews. Sri Lanka in the cricket club has a total of 7308 points from 66 games so it occupies the fourth position of the top cricket club.

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England National Cricket Club

This club includes the oldest cricket club because it has been competing since 1877. Unfortunately, although the game of cricket originated in England but the country failed to become the world's best cricket clubs. England national cricket club only rank fifth with a total of 4804 points from 45 games. Currently the English national cricket club is under the tutelage of coach Peter Moores, a former English cricketer.

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