To meet fee British students become 'sex worker'

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Those who become sex workers are boys more than girls, surveys, photo file

London: bzahrsayns thanks to the modern lifestyle of the people of Europe and look calm, but the high outlet Someone dull dish that is the opposite of poverty in their communities and their allies. are concurrently now lives night and day for them to evaluate how painful it can be seen from this survey report which stated that one of every 20 students in the UK to meet financial needs Sachs Worker is forced to work as.

Survey conducted by the University of British government, which opened the eyes of the students here for our needs and educational expenses are forced to engage in sex but one of every 20 student sex worker has been working as a career option.

According to the survey being a sex worker is the number of boys than girls in the head of the poll says Tracy smoke during the survey found strong evidence of the sex industry workers as students are working Most of the students in their social phobia perform this activity are strictly confidential. He says that during the survey of 6750 students were studying the lives of the students revealed that 5 percent and 3.5 percent of female sex workers, 22% of the students work as a profession are considering adoption.

Tracy said sygarka students are involved in this sector the majority of them do not consider themselves safe in the knowledge that the universities should provide students with facilities such tasks they are not forced to .

The sex worker as two-thirds of those working in this sector to adopt the lifestyle of the purpose is to raise funds to meet the needs and 56 percent admitted that they meet the basic needs of When they are forced to work for 40% said that the purpose of the university at the end of their academic course have to pay dues.

According to British newspaper The Guardian says that about one quarter of the students is very difficult for them to get out of this area, while a quarter of his own profession kugyr declared safe.

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