To Nag or Trust

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Marriage is a union and there are several aspects which can make or mar the relationship. The ONE THING that can ruin a relationship is NAGGING. 

A nagging partner is a pain in the neck. He or she will not allow the partner to enjoy life at its best. How can anyone enjoy a partner's presence when the other half is constantly lecturing or nagging about issues, about work to be done or bills to be paid or just about anything under the sun. Such a relationship will not last forever. 

Love is all about trust. Partners should take time to enjoy and then they can always discuss about other important things in a most congenial manner without ordering the other half or stressing their selfish opinions. 

I am sure all would agree with me. i would request you to please write on how you would deal with a nagging partner. Please write your ideas so that all can benefit. 

written by me earlier for a site and now removed 

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