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A relationship, a simple thing that can be found between each and everything or everyone. A father to his son, a mother to her daughter, a husband to his wife, a boy and his car, a dog and its owner. Every relation has its respect and strength and weakness. 

But what has happened to young people now a days? Do you find any respect in their relationships? I don't. A relationship between a girl and a boy is all about physical attraction no feelings. All they want is each other's bodies. When it is all about physical attraction respect goes out of the door. People need to learn how to respect their relationships. There is nothing that they will get from such a relationship but will get hurt at the end. How about falling in love with a pure boy or a girl and feel the love? The most amazing feeling in the world is when somebody loves you for what you are and not how you look. The happiness they get from that relationship is something that cannot be compared to anything. I am one of the blessed people in the World who have found someone who loves me more than anything with all her heart and i can just pray to God to keep together forever and let everyone have that someone in their life that will make them feel as they are in heaven.



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