Today's Special - National Teddy Bear Day

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Today's Special - National Teddy Bear Day

9th September is marked as National Teddy Bear Day. It is presently observed in the United States only. But it is spreading rapidly all over the world.

History of the day:
In the year 1902 US President went for hunting but didn’t find anything. So at the end, someone of his fan brought a small bear and suggested Mr. Roosevelt to shoot that. But Mr. President realized that there is no sporting matter and hence he refused. This incident became famous in a cartoon story of a newspaper which is known as “Drawing the line”. Hence, after that, due to this highlighting incident story, it was named as “Teddy’s Bear”. From then the rest became history.

So how are you going to celebrate the day? Till now some of us are having our teddy bear from our childhood, and maybe we kept that in somewhere place as a show piece or had given to our kids. So celebrate the day cuddling the old teddy which is our actual childhood friend. I had given my teddy to my 4 year daughter. She loves that.
Wish you all happy “National Teddy Bear Day”.


Photo is of my own daughter. Article written by me ©sweetmou

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