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Spicy shrimp soup ‘Tom Yam Kung’ very delicious

If you ask foreigner who used to visit to Thailand about Thai food favor, Tom Yam Kung will be the one of their choice. Tom Yam Kung or spicy shrimp soup is one of the most favorite food for Thai people as well, it’s very delicious and unique sour and spicy taste. If you are foreigner, you should try Tom Yam Kung just once.

Tom Yam Kung makes from many ingredients such as shrimps, mushrooms, lemon grass chopped, kaffir-lime leaves, coriander leaves, salt, lime juice, lemon, fish source and ground chili. When you are cooking you can enhance with your flavor and other ingredients. For medical Tom Yam Kung is good for your body functions, it’s has many different herbs.

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