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Old fashioned victorias have been used for a long time, ages before autocars came into the world. They belong to the history of the subcontinent remembering a queen-empress and even today they are still "in". The simple ones are used daily for safe transport of children's to school and back.

The lovely decorateed ones, slow-moving and comfortable, are used for the pleasure and leisure of local people and tourists. Tongas have been in service together with the victorias for a long time in the country.

The difference is that tongas are two-wheels vehicales. Important are teh various purposes they are used for e.g loading vegetables, rice, cotton or chicken, to mention just a few commodities.

They also do a good job as taxis, cometimes transporting an incredible number of people. Mostly to be found in Lahore and Rawalpindi, the tonga is a common sight in the villages throughtout the country. A few of them can be seen still on duty in some places in Karachi too. 

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