Too Ambitious May Destroy You.

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Ambitiously, I always want to do somethings which my abilities can not do, I always want to have a higher position at my school, in my village and even at working place.

But always I haven't received any things from my ambitiousness, I have just stepped up a little bit as my ambitious commitments. Also, the more I want to be up very high and huge, and I finally failed down seriously. Yes, really discouraged and very unhappy in my heart and life.
On the other hand, on here working with Bubblews, I always wish to have more people come, visit and like my posts, and I sometimes very angry with them since I have worked very hard to view and like their articles and bubbling posts and just a small numbers of them did come and visit my bubbling posts.

Lastly, I only received the sadness of feeling and and unhappy and interestingly, I have used my body so hard to work with other Bubblews and following Bubbler friends, this is because I am so ambitious to what I am doing right now and because I didn't learn much how to be satisfy to what I am having for now.

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I am Vichet Huot living in Cambodia I am now 28 years old working a full time staff of one Organization in Cambodia. I've got married for 3 years and have one son 19 months old. I had been working as staff of organization working with and in community for…

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