Too many apps on your tablet? Try using The Cloud

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The Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet is an Amazon product.

The Kindle Fire HD 7 uses a different operating system than a windows PC.

The Kindle Fire HD 7 or any other Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet either 2nd or 3rd generation, uses the Android operating system. The hard drive of the tablet is solid state, not disc. The thing is, there is not a lot of space inside the average tablet.


In all cases, you have to download apps, not applications to your respective tablets, be them iPads, Androids or even Smart phones. The apps are designed to work with both the tablet or mobile phone's operating system and it's specific browser, and in the case of the Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet, it's the Silk Browser.


The cloud is a virtual space you usually get so many gigabytes with your device for free to use to store anything you want just as long as you don't exceed your cloud's space given to you for your personal use.


Many like to upload movies in their cloud so they can be out and about and turn on their device, be it a smart phone or a tablet or a laptop and download their favorite movies and watch them anytime they want from the cloud.


But the main reason it's good to have THE CLOUD with a tablet is simple. Apps take up space and you may have bought some or downloaded free apps to your tablet and suddenly you are out of drive space. This requires that you either decide to remove them from your device or remove them from your device and from THE CLOUD. The purpose of the cloud is so that if you ever want to download an already purchased, free app or paid for full price app, you can get it back by downloading it.


Adding more space to your mobile device.

This is a thing. Most smart phones, which are iphones and other mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy 7 I think is their latest phone, or any other laptop or tablet mobile device, they all have been designed to add memory to them using one of their ports that either take a chip that goes into a slot and remains more-or-less forever. Or the removable Thumb Drives that use either a USB2.0 or USB3.0 or micro-hdmi or HDMI port.

HDMI stands for high-definition-multi-media-interface.

Even digital cameras have a place to either remove one memory chip to be replaced by a larger memory chip or a second port to allow the addition of a second larger memory chip.Image result for fire hd tablet

This is called a memory upgrade.

The Cloud, for the purposes of keeping your files secure and available for future downloading for the Kindle Fire HD 7 or The Fire HD 8 or The Fire HD 10 are dependent on what kind of cloud settings you have for each device.

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