Too Much Makeup! 8 Horrifying Pakistani Celebrities Who Abused Makeup

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Makeup is a woman’s (and sometimes a man’s) biggest weapon. It can turn a plain looking girl-next-door into a Goddess. It makes lips fuller, eyes bigger and add much needed color to the pale cheeks (ask Iman Ali). Celebrities have full teams that manage how they look. But sometimes these teams fail to function or perhaps over do it.

Too much of anything is bad. Too much of makeup is the worst. Not only does it make celebrities look horrific but it can give people some really scary nightmares. Here are a few Pakistani celebrities who use much..!

1. Fizza Ali

She has a passion for wearing too much makeup. This is just one of many times she has overdone it.


Wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley.


The tat, the pout, the jewelry… everything is perfect if only the makeup was not so horrific.


She is like a rainbow.. a horrifying nightmarish rainbow.


The glare will make you blind.

6.Ahsan Ali

The perfect bride for the perfect man with a facial hair fetish.


Reema is gori enough! How much more powder do you need?

8.Sahir Lodhi

Looks just like Tom Cruise… ooo lala!

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