Too much noiseeeeeee!!!

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We know that the pollution is very harmful for living organisms. All living organisms are very important and if we want to end noise pollution. We had to take precautionary measure. First we have to slow down the volume of our music systems, speakers, radios, trains, buses, T.V, iPods etc.

Traffic is a major source of noise pollution and if we want to moderate this pollution we don’t have to use the horn. Annoying sounds and thunder cause noise pollution. Another source of noise pollution is construction sites and the equipment used in construction sites like drilling and piercing sound is a big source of noise pollution.

A noise is also produce by a tractor, auto mobiles and many more things. Noise pollution can disturb your neighbours, people who are ill and it is also bad for your own health. Noise is everywhere but we don’t have any authority to end it and no one interested to end noise pollution.


People in our society are careless they don’t have any idea in which environment they live and headphones are very dangerous for our health and we didn’t care about our health and noise is everywhere it is hard to end it but it’s not impossible.

Noise is very simple word but its impacts on living organisms are dangerous it can cause headache and nervous tension, high blood pressure and also nausea. If we want to end the noise we have to reduce the noise polluting devices.


Noise pollution causes not only environmental damage but it also has a negative impact on human health. Noise pollution is a serious issue and need more attention at local and state level. People must aware about the danger of noise pollution. If the noise is end our country become much quieter and peaceful.

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