Top 10 Languages, A brief Note About English And One Word Substitution

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 Top 10 Languages, A Brief Note About English And One Word Substitution:


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               Hello guys how are you I hope you are all are well and great? Today I have come with a new lesson, a new topic and a new class for learning English. Today my topic is about Top 10 Languages and a brief note about the English language. As you all know I am a good and great teacher of English who post the best and great blogs for you to learn English in quick time. English is the best and common language which is spoken in almost every country in the world. English is a West Germanic language which was first spoken in early medieval England and then it starts to become the best and common language on this planet earth. Many languages are spoken in nowadays I will tell you the most common languages and country in which those languages are spoken but first I have to tell you about English. Generally English is the British language it has two accents the one is American accent and the other one is British accent but the best and a good accent is British because British people speak in a proper accent. Now you are thinking that what is accent? this question generally pops in the freshers' mind but don't worry it's natural I will tell you about that even I will explain that for you. I always try to teach in a good and easy way so students learn quickly in an easy way. I love to teach an in a proper and polite manner that is the only way students learn in quick time. So let's start about the accent.


What is Accent?


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       An accent is a behavior or manner of pronunciation and talking to someone. An accent may be different from location to location, country to country and people to people Because it is like a style of talking. There are two main and common accents which are widely used in the whole world which are British accent and American accent.

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Popular And Most Spoken Languages:

      Now I tell you about the most famous languages in the world as we know every human communicate with other humans with their tongues and we use special languages for that there are many languages in this world which are widely used and spoken so let's start about the top 10 languages of the world.

  These are the most popular and common languages in this world

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1. Chinese:

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Which is spoken by almost 1.2 billion native speakers?


It is the second most spoken language in the world. Generally Spanish mostly speaks by Spanish people back in Spain. It is spoken by over 400 million people in the world.

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3. English:

English is on  3rd position in this list is the common language almost everyone can understand it but this is not spoken as frequently as the upper two ones.

4. Hindi:

 This language is spoken by over a billion of peoples in this world. Hindi generally belong to India country but this language is understandable to Pakistani people also.

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5. Arabic:

Arabic is the best and lovely language in this world because it is the language of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.w). Arabic is mostly spoken by Arabic people back in Arab countries.

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6. Portuguese:

Portuguese is spoken by many people back in many different countries like Brazil, Goa, Príncipe, Mozambique.

7. Bengali:

 The Bengali Language came at the 7th position it is spoken by Bengali people back in Bangladesh.

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8. Russian:

This language is spoken by almost 190 million people in the world. generally, this language belongs to Russia that is the widest and big country in the world by space.

9. Japanese:

 This language is spoken by over 140 million people in the world that the reason why it is at the 9th position it generally belongs to Japan.


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10. Punjabi/Lahnda:

 My favorite and my native language Punjabi. This is the best language and a lovely one. It is a widely spoken language of the world. It is spoken by over 100 million people. It is mostly spoken by the people of Pakistan and India.

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One Word Substitution:



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   As I said earlier that I have come with lesson yes I have come with a great topic which is One Word Substitution. Remember guys in English every lesson is important and this topic is also an important one so prepare it well.

 so let us start our topic One Word Substitution.

Abdicate               To give up a throne voluntarily

Adolescent          Growing from childhood to maturity.

Aggressor            A person who attacks first

Agnostic               One who doubts the existence of god

Alien                     One residing in a country of which one is not a citizen.

Amateur               One who pursues some art or sport as a hobby

Ambassador       An Official representative of a state in another country.

Ambiguous         A sentence whose meaning is unclear

Ambitious           A man having a strong desire for success, fame or honor.

Anarchist             One who is out to subvert a government.

Bilingual              A person who speaks two languages

Biography            A life history written by somebody else

Biology                 The science of life.

Blonde                  A woman with golden hair.

Botany                  The branch of biology dealing with plant life

Brittle                    A thing which can easily be broken.

Bureaucracy        A government by the officials

Callous                 A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy

Cantonment        A place where army lives in barracks.

Capitalist             A person who has a large amount of wealth and business.

Carnivorous        A flesh eating animal

Catalog A list of books

Cautious              A man taking care not to make a mistake.

Celibacy               Abstinence from sex

Celibate                One who is unmarried

Centenary            Celebration of a hundredth year, once-a-century

Domicile              A place of residence.

Draw                     A game in which neither party wins

Drawn                  A match in which neither party wins.

Drought                Want of rain.

Durable                A thing which lasts for a very long time.

Eccentric              One who has strange habits

Edible                    That can be eaten.

Effeminate           One who is quite like a woman

Egoist                    One who thinks only of himself

Eligible                 Capable of being selected.

Epicure                 Somebody who loves sensual pleasure and luxury

Epidemic             A contagious disease which spreads over a huge area

Ethnology            A study of races

Etiquette               Established rules of conduct; rules of acceptable behavior

Etymology           A study of the derivation of words

Exonerate             To free somebody from all blame

Extempore           A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation

Fastidious            One who is not easily pleased.

Fatal                      That which results in death.

Fatalist                  One who believes in fate

Feminist               One who thinks only of the welfare of women

Foreigner              A person belonging to another country.

Fratricide             Murder of a brother

Galaxy                  A Collection of stars.

Garrulous            A very talkative person.

Germicide            A medicine that kills germs.

Glutton                 One who eats too much

Granary                A room where grain is stored.

Gullible                One who is easily deceived

Gymnasium       A place for physical exercise.

Herbivorous        A grass eating animal

Homicide             Murder of a human being

Honorary             A position for which no salary is paid

Hostility               Intense aggression or anger; the state of antagonism

Hypocrite             One who pretends to be what he is not

Idiosyncrasy       A person's peculiar habit

Illegal                    That which is against the law

Illegible                 Handwriting which cannot be read.


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