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I have always been enamored with top tens lists.  I always run things in my head like my top 10 favorite comedians of all time, the 10 people dead or alive I would want to go to dinner with, etc. Almost as an epitaph of my favorite things,  at one point I wanted to create a website for people to put together their own top 10 lists for anything they wanted; and share them in a public consensus format along with the personal pages of the person creating the top 10 of anything. From consensus of things like most reliable plumber (sorry Angie's List) to the best movies of all time, it could be used for recommendations as well as a source of entertainment.  So I decided I would start small and start bloggingmy top 10's on Film Annex and I welcome and encourage your opinions.  Without further ado, my first top 10 on Film Annex:

Top 10 Movies of All Time (any genre) :

10)  Forrest Gump:  Most people either fully agree or disagree with this pick; but anytime I surf by a movie channel and this is on, I get sucked right in.  The story is well written and clever; no one except  the viewer is aware of all the events in history that were impacted by this simpleton from Alabama. 

9)    Full Metal Jacket: Anyone that doesn't get a kick at of the Drill Sargent cracking on these recruits and cringe at the thought of being in their shoes is insane.  Private Pile eyes in the bathroom and  Joker's "sooo horney girlfriend - Vietnam".  You get a realistic look at the Vietnam war and what these guys go through.

8)    Godfather, Parts 1 & 2- I dont think I need to justify this one to most people.  I roll them together  because it  is really one long story; plus I could not leave off the others on the list

7)    Raiders of the Lost Ark - I remember when my family got its first VCR; and at the same time my dad brought a copy of Raiders.  We all initially watched it in the theater and we were all instantly hooked.  I couldn't believe we were now getting to watch it on our TV from home.  Just a great movie filled with action, laughs, and thrills.

6)   Casino - an excellent story based on the real life of` gambler Frank Rosenthal told through the dynamic duo of Pesci and De Niro.. Scorsese hit another home run with these guys

5)   Star Wars -  I'm definitely NOT a "Trekkie" or Comic Book Guy.  That said, I think I've watched this an Empire well over 50 times in my lifetime.  

4)   Empire Strikes Back-  I liked this one slightly more than the first.  I thought Hoth was very cool (no pun intended) and the effects were better.

3)   Wolf of Wall Street - I know its a new one that just came out of the theaters, but I laughed hysterically at times and was thoroughly engaged in the entire story.  I seem to enjoy movies based on true stories; and this one is a doozie.  It is a "gotta see to believe" type of thing, but it is the kind of movie that made me think about it for days after; with questions I'd love to ask Jordan Belfort

2)   Rocky 2- Great story that always chokes me up in the last 2 minutes when Rocky does the impossible to become Heavyweight Champion of the World.

1)   Goodfellas - Hands down, my number one and the best movie of all-time.  I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen it, but I can pretty much recite it verbatim. 90% of the cast of the Sopranos got their first mob roles in Goodfellas; and Scorsese masterfully directs Pesci, De Niro, and Ray Liotta in a [yet another] story based in reality, exposing us to the intriguing  life of "wannabe" mobster Henry Hill.   There is nothing I can negatively critique; except I wish it was longer.  

Thanks for reading.  My next top 10 with be the Top 10  TV Series of All Time

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